'Look at the Nature!': Tasmania with five kids (Part 2)

Hey, you're still with me!  Well done.

We drove to Hobart on Christmas Eve, driving along the east coast.  There were so many 'Wow, look at that' moments, that I insisted the kids raise their heads from their iPods (sanity saving for a trip like this I have to confess - although the endless charging issues - grrr) and 'LOOK AT THE NATURE'.  Yeah, ok, they didn't love me for it!

We celebrated Christmas in Hobart with Rowan's sister and her family.  We had a quiet week in Hobart.  Hung out with the cousins, tried out three different churches, caught up with a few people we know in Hobart, went swimming in the Derwent, did some steep walks with my sister-in-law (I didn't realise how crazily steep Hobart is), watched the Sydney-Hobart yacht race boats coming in from the front lounge room.  We had planned to do more, but we ran out of puff and it was a restful week.

After leaving Hobart we drove three hours north-west up to Sheffield.  Sheffield is a small country town (everything is small in Tassie) with the imposing Mount Roland dominating the horizon of the view from our (expensive) accommodation.

We celebrated a quiet New Year's Eve and woke up on January 1 to pouring rain and mist.  This was our one day to visit Dove Lake to have a look at Cradle Mountain.  We just went for it and even though it was very cold and rainy when we set out, the rain actually stopped fairly quickly after we started the two hour walk around the lake.  We only got glimpses of the peak, but it was still spectacular and the ruggedness and isolation of the place was awe inspiring. Another of my favourite days and the kids enjoyed this walk a lot.

We spent our last day in Tasmania in Devonport killing time waiting for the boat to leave at 9pm.  This was our most expensive day because it involved putt putt golf and the movies, but most days in Tassie were pretty cheap because we did a lot of walking.  Finding accommodation was hard because most places only cater for a maximum group of six, which meant I probably paid more than I would have ideally liked to, but I kind of took what I could get.  We did find food, especially fresh food, expensive compared to Sydney.

I'd love to go back and do more adventuring and see some of the places we missed.  Maybe we could do some more adventurous walks when the kids get that next bit older.  I did love the nature.  It was good for my soul.


Meredith said…
I've enjoyed this little two part series. We had a holiday in Tassie last year so great to see your photos and read your reflections. Dove Lake was a highlight for me. Ironically, we were there in May and it was clear and sunny.
Emily said…
Darren and I stayed just out of Sheffield for 3 nights during our honeymoon in June last year. Tasmania is just so beautiful.
Sarah said…
My husband and I went to Tassie for our honeymoon in 2008. We went in July and it was freezing (people thought we were nuts but I love the cold). Hobart was my favourite place. Despite the confusing one-way streets, I could live there! Dove Lake was so misty when we were there. Ahhh memories.

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