My year of less is more: Decluttering is NOT ...

Ahh - I feel organised just looking at this
So you've read the book, got inspired by my posts and you're all set to go.  You're psyched.  You're going to get ORGANISED.  At last you're going to get your stuff SORTED.  Unlike the last two times you got serious, you really are going to do it this time.  Because you went to IKEA this morning and got the right shelving and containers and boxes to help you DO IT!

Hold on.  Stop - STOP … Do NOT go to the shops to help you declutter.  Don't buy more stuff to help you get sorted.  You're meant to be getting rid of stuff.  And those containers = more STUFF!!!!

Storage containers help hide and tidy up stuff.  But they don't actually help declutter.  By storing my things I'm just hiding the clutter.  Sure it's not cluttering up my lounge room anymore, but it's still in my life and I still own it and will have to work out what to do with it at some point in time.  I'm actually just deferring a decluttering decision to another day.  It might be another day in many years to come, but it still has to happen (or someone else will have to do it for me after I've left this world, which is exhausting and tiring for them to cope with).

Decluttering is NOT reorganising what I already have.  Remember: the aim is to downsize/reduce/ remove the stuff and to live with less.

I think it takes baby steps.  Just a bit of stuff at a time.  And while I'm working at it, I'm not visiting any storage shops with their promises of clean lines and organisation.  I'm convinced that the only way to get there is to actually have less stuff.  And if you don't have anything to put your stuff in, well, it's a lot more motivating to get rid of it.


Karen said…
Yes, that's so true :) We have found that baby steps are the way to go here too...we do small "project cleans" for one cupboard (or even just a couple of drawers) so it becomes a bit more manageable to deal with.

And we gave away our cot and change table over the weekend to a lovely young couple from our church who are expecting their first baby. Gee, it felt good to see those two things finally leave after 11 years!
Eb said…
In case someone else is reading this, I think bookshelves are kind of like storage containers for books...
wide eyed said…
I was all inspired after your last post to begging de cluttering. I started in the shed. I opened a drawer of a cupboard in the shed. I found a nest of paper, seven baby rats and a fat mummy rat bottom. I shut the drawer and backed away. De cluttering can wait until the rat poison works.
Jenny said…
Wide eyed you always come through with the goods! That is HILARIOUS (but I'm super relieved it didn't happen to me!!!)

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