Advent Challenge Day 13

The word became flesh ... John 1:14

The fact that God became a human in the form of Jesus both messes with my head and is enormously comforting.  It's a hard truth to fully comprehend but it's also incredible.  That God would become one of us. One of his creation.  That God knows what it is like to be us. Tired.  Sad.  Excited.  Once again he shows us how much he values us that he became one of us so that we could know him.

Tim Chester writes, "Christianity is not a call to embrace a system of thought or a religion or a moral code.  It's the invitation to embrace a person-or rather to be embraced by a person.  It's the invitation to look to Jesus and see in him the kindness, glory, beauty, power and holiness of God."

Every time I read this verse I think of Colin's Buchanan's song.  Enjoy...


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