Advent Challenge Day 2

I don't love shopping (I'm being polite-I actually find shopping centres a bit soul destroying) so if it's not online, chances are it won't get bought. Yesterday I had a bit of extra time after school because we had our Speech night so I braved the city and bought a couple of presents.  I felt noble.  I could have been reading or having a conversation!  

Today in our reading we're taken to the start of a kind of conversation.  Exciting.  I love a good chat! 

'In the beginning was the word'. I love words. I read a lot of them. I write a lot of them. I speak a lot and occasionally I even stop long enough to listen to words! In this verse is that we're being introduced by John to someone who is THE word. This phrase from John takes us back to the start of Genesis where God created the world by speaking. 

Words and speaking. They are things I'm familiar with. This is why trusting in Jesus is interesting to me. We get to hear his words in the gospels. I trust in a God who wants to communicate with us. He sent THE word to us so we can know him better. Isn't that the best use of words? When they help us know another better? 


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