Advent Challenge Day 3

And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was God in the beginning. 
John 1: 1-2

To be perfectly honest folks I'm pretty tired.  This is the last week my students are at school so we've had lots of end of year events, a few late nights.  The thing with a challenge is that you do it every day regardless of how you're feeling or how badly your brain is processing the deeper things of life!  

So how do you ponder these deep and complex truths at the start of John when you're tired?  You steal someone else's thoughts and reflect on those! Tim Chester's already done the hard yards.  

This is a verse that introduces us to the idea that the Word (Jesus) has always been with God.  There is one God but it is a Trinity.  Separate but the same God.  Confusing.  Yes!  But important when we look at the person of Jesus.

"Why does this matter?  It means that God can communicate in a way that is sure and true.  When we hear God's Word, we don't just hear a second-hand report about God.  We hear God himself because his Word is God" (Chester, 2015, p. 19).

Today as I ponder this passage through my haze I am reminded of  two truths.  God is bigger than me.  Yet he wants me to know him and that's why he sent Jesus.

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