Advent Challenge Day 6

And that life was the light of all people John 1:4

Growing up in India, going for a walk at night was a precarious thing.  There wasn't an overabundance of street lights (ie. none) so getting home by foot after a night out meant relying on torch light.  And it was precarious because footpaths weren't the norm either, yet large potholes and poo were!  If your torch was using up the last of its battery power it wasn't all that powerful and you could have a few near misses.

When God created the world he spoke, and through his word alone the first thing he created was light. In John's introduction of Jesus, John talks about Jesus being both the word and the light.   .

As a teenager I loved a song by Amy Grant (yes, sooo 1980's!)  'Thy word'.  It was based on a verse from Psalm 119:105 which says 'Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path'.

In Psalm 119 the writer talks about 'your word' as God's law - the law helped God's people know how to live well (it is really worth reading the whole of this encouraging Psalm). His law lit up their path. Showed them the way forward. Because light guides us.  It stops us from stumbling around the dark and falling into potholes (both real and proverbial!)

And now here we are in John reading how THE word, Jesus, provides light for ALL people (not just the Israelites).  Another big moment.

What gives light to your path?  It's worth pondering.  Is it God's word?  Do you look to it to help you move forward?  Or are there are other things that you rely on to help you along your path?  It's easy to rely on other sources of light but they don't ultimately give the life that John reminds us only comes through Jesus.

John 8:12 [Jesus said] I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.  

For old time's sake...:)

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