Advent Challenge Day 9

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world 
John 1:9

Sometimes God is portrayed as somehow being so other worldly that we can't ever really know him. However, here we're reminded that Jesus came to us.  He came into our world.  We don't need to dig around trying to discover what God is like.  We don't need to sit around staring at the skies searching for who God is.

Each Christmas we're reminded that Jesus came into the world as a baby.  I know babies.  They're not all that mysterious.  They're precious and wonderful (and yes, sometimes quite mysterious when they don't sleep for days on end) but not unusual or out of the ordinary.   It's worth pondering on the 'ordinariness' of Jesus, who through the whole universe was created, coming into the world as a human being. He didn't come in a wavy, mystical form.  He came as a baby.  A person.  Just like you and me.

I like pondering this because I think it means that God really likes and values us.  God likes and values those he created.  He likes us so much that when he wanted to show us the way to be saved, to be in relationship with him, he sent his son Jesus as a person.   Not something else, magical or supernatural.  One of us.

God wants us to be restored to the people he created before sin entered the world.  And by trusting in the true light, Jesus, and his sacrifice for us to save us,  we can be restored to be the people God meant us to be.

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