10 things I should probably really care about if I was a proper mother...*

1.  Sometimes preschool isn't very stimulating or educational

2.  My 7 year old hasn't read a home reader aloud to me all year (but gets lots of practice with her baby sister - that counts doesn't it?!)

3.  My 5 1/2 year old who starts school next year has a dodgy pencil grip

4.  My 11 year old can't tie his shoelaces (I think - I haven't asked recently).

5.  My kids don't eat from the fruit platter at playgroup

6.  My son takes fairy bread sandwiches to preschool for lunch

7.  Mummy doesn't have special days where the kids get alone time with Mummy.   Mummy just really, really needs to be ALONE ...

8.  Sometimes my kids get bored - VERY bored and ... I don't provide activities for them.

9. My 5 1/2 year old still wears night nappies - we are very lazy and tired and don't want to get up at night anymore than necessary to sort it out.

And ... drum roll ... (worst is last)

10.  My kids don't make their beds

* Source: 11 years of conversations at playgroup/preschool/church/school


Naomi said…
On the preschool issue - sometimes it really is just about social/mixing with other kids/mum getting a break ... as I've discovered this year with the different approach to pre-formal school care.
Anonymous said…
Boredom is good, my kids need to learn to create their own entertainment which they will do if they're bored enough. Also, life is boring sometimes, washing is boring, cleaning the house is boring, etc etc, life isn't a continuous party.
Philippa said…
I am with you on 7 of those points( 8 if you consider jam sandwiches to be as nutricious as fairy bread). I'll lend you my 5yo - she will make her bed and anyone else's that is required - that would be heaven all those beds in your house ; )
Merrin said…
Haha! Can top that...my 6 and a half year old still wears pull ups 'cause I don't want to get woken up at night. Only got my kids immunised for chicken pox as I did't want to have my precious night sleep disturbed by illness....I could go on! xx Merrin
Karen said…
Ah, you make me laugh Jen! Great list!
jarricks said…
Hi Jenny, Funniest blog entry I have read all week! I am eagerly looking forward to the publication of your bucket list!
Sarah said…
Hey Jenny,

I prefer your priorities to those of the alleged "proper mother". Relax and enjoy! It will all be over far too soon. Your kids are happy, they love you and each other and Jesus. That's far more important than a five year old eating a nutritious salad sandwich on whole grain bread.

Ruth said…
Great post! I so can relate to most of those - and yep, I'm hearing you on the night nappies front, and doing the same with my almost six year old, the seven yr old only just stopped a few weeks ago!

I also think home readers is a nice name for 'parental torture'! I make my boys read them out loud to the wall. I can't stand them!! Nobody wants to listen to them in this household, not even our youngest child!

Great list Jenny - you keep it real.
Jo said…
I never enforce home readers either, they are just so boring!!!!
When my kids tell me they are bored I reply ethusiastically, "That's great!! You get your BEST ideas when you are bored". They hardly ever say it anymore, lol.
Deb L said…
Jenny, I've just found your blog. Been reading lots of archived blogs. This one has got to be my favourite so far. You've just lifted a HUGE weight off my little shoulders. Bless you a thousand times over!!
Jenny said…
Pleasure Deb - this is the reality of life with kids hey?!

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