Am over my 'bracelets'

Thankfully I don't look as bad as Darla from Finding Nemo!
I've had braces on my teeth since the end of April.  I am almost at the six month mark and I'm really quite over the whole experience.  Not that I've ever enjoyed it.  It has been quite painful, lots of mouth ulcers, sensitive teeth, stuck food - the list goes on.  My teeth are looking better but because they keep shifting it affects the way that I speak (and I talk a lot ;).  I've been lisping a lot in the last fortnight.

There have been many times that I have felt like hibernating and not having to show my face in my public. But that's not an option in my life.  So I've decided to just live with them and get over my self-consciousness.  I do find it hard to speak in front of a group of people.  Last term I did story time at playgroup each week and early on in the term I asked the kids if they knew what I had on my teeth.  One of the gorgeous little girls said, "I know - you've got bracelets".  Love it.

Frankly, having braces is nothing compared to having a chronic health problem or a physical disfigurement.  So, I'm just getting on with life.

And I do have a special bond with all the teenagers I meet who are struggling through the same experience as me!


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