Ideas for a book that will make me famous

Today I picked up a book to read at lunch when I was at work.  It was about a guy who lost 40 kilos by cutting sugar out of his diet.  The ten pages I read were quite interesting.

So I started to ponder,  'Hey - what's my story'?  What's the aspect of my life that I could use to write a book and make my fortune (well, limited fortune anyway)?

I'm not a tiger mother.  I'm not a mother who had an amazing career and then became a mother and then discovered how hard and undervalued it is (like this is some kind of radical concept) and then discovered she actually liked being a mother so only ended up working part-time (as a consultant of course) in her amazing career.  I haven't run a marathon every day for a year (although most days feel like I have).  I've only had one husband - haven't left him to go and 'find myself' in three different exotic locations and get my story made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.  I still get on with my parents.  I haven't climbed any mountains.  I haven't been captured and made a hostage.

Yawn - all so dull.  What's my money-making story people?  I need help!

Otherwise I'll have to go and write fiction - perhaps I could write a book about an alternative life that would have resulted in me having a story to tell!



Richard said…
But Jenny you do have a story to tell :) your early years were an experience very few people have had; The train trips, all the sights and smells, people and places ... And you are an amazing mother and still sane after 5 kids !
Katie said…
Was the book 'Sweet Poison' by David Gillespie? We recently listened to a podcast of him on conversation with Richard Fidler and it was very interesting. Was thinking of trying to find the book.
As far as your story goes - ditto Richards comment. Plenty of people have successfully written about their childhood. Or go for the fiction. Kids books - rhyme a little and you will be right.
Gordon Cheng said…
Your gift is the realistic description of the quotidian, with grace.
Tina said…
Hey Jenny
You could cut sugar out of your diet and then write a story about a mother of five children in Sydney's inner west who went slowly crazy....
BTW I am loving your blog.
Kath said…
The fact that your own life does not seem fascinating enough to warrant a book may mean you have some humility and a realistic view of yourself.
Some of the most interesting stories are the ordinary ones told well. But I see your point, they don't always make lots of money ;)

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