still human

I've had a few discussions with real life people about the earlier post about my busy week.  I think it freaked out a few people (my apologies) especially those without kids or younger children.  I didn't mean to worry people so I might just keep my crazy life quietly to myself!

And just to assure you I'm really human - I've been sick since Tuesday, took a day off work on Wednesday and have been in bed for the past two days.  My usual strategy of 'just keeping going and I'll get better' hasn't worked.  It normally does so it's a bit of a shock to the system that I have to actually go to bed!

I am also married to a very patient husband who keeps the show on the road while I collapse in a heap.  I take the sickness as a loud warning - I will try to pace myself better (but I do get bored quite quickly!).


simone r said…
Hope you are better soon. Can I recommend the pepsi-max and panadol diet for when you have to start functioning again?

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