Braces off!

January:  and my mouth is firmly shut!

Fifteen months ago I had braces put on my teeth.  I had them off last week.  I feel very relieved.  Even though I had got used to them by the end, I still felt very self-conscious about them.  In my job I speak to a lot of people I don't know each day.  And every time I'd talk to them, I'd feel the desire to explain the braces. However, I did meet quite a few other 'adult bracers' along the way - it was quite bonding!  I also found it hard to speak clearly when I was up the front, even though I have actually done a lot of that in both my job and other contexts throughout the time.  So it is nice to be able to articulate words clearly and not feel very tired after speaking in public.

I'd take a photo of my teeth (and they do look lovely) to show you, but three days after I had them off, I developed the foulest cold sore I've had for years.  Weirdly, I had no cold sores while I had the braces on.  I normally get them about every 6 - 8 weeks (including the day before our wedding - noice).  But, bang, there it was, which curtailed the enthusiastic flashing of my new smile.

Before and after shots will come in time!


Sandra said…

it is a great feeling- I had braces mark 2 in my early 20s due to a mega botch up in my teens (NB all parents- make sure you are informed re orthodontics- my mother was completely ignorant and trusting and never ever came to an appointment with me. End result was a worse bite problem than what I had previously) I was just leaving uni, strting work and looked very young anyway - not a great confidence builder.

Ellie is enjoying her new found brace free freedom. Julia is looking forward to her braces going on- get her to smile for you and you'll understand completely.
Graham Lea said…
I was an adult braces wearer and I just found it ruined all the best foods, pizza and apples in particular. I remember, just after having them off, I bit through this massive hamburger and realized how constrained my eating had been but also how much the mechanics and experience of ripping through a burger with your teeth contribute to the enjoyment. Hope you enjoy your newfound dental freedom!

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