10 years ago

10 years ago I was lying on the lounge with terrible morning sickness, eating Saos and cheese, watching the endless replay of the twin towers destruction.  It was surreal.  I wondered (in my hormonal haze) if I was going to meet my third child that morning - it did feel a little like the end of the world was coming.

What does memories does today bring back for you?


Tasmanian said…
I was driving to work listening to ABC News Radio, and had made it about four minutes before I realised the news coverage was about a major terrorist event in the US. When I got to work, my friend was desperately calling her brother in NY. She couldn't get through for a while but she eventually spoke with him and he was ok.
Motherhugger said…
I was pregnant too. I turned on the tv while making breakfast for the toddler. Instead of Sesame St we saw footage of the tower falling. She kept saying 'uh oh'.
Then I went to playgroup and was amazed that no-one talked about it. No-one. How could that be? Then I remembered that no matter what happens, mums have to take care of the children - their needs are immediate. You might not have time to drop everything and consider world events. You need to keep the wheels turning at home, no matter what. Any talk at playgroup would have been speculation. But I did feel it was a momentous day and the world had changed. (And maybe that wasn't the playgroup for me...)
Sarah said…
I was in my first year of uni and I came home late that night when my flatmate (who was watching TV) said, "Come and look at this! I thought it was a movie when I switched the TV on, but someone's bombed New York!".
Kath said…
I was feeding a two week old baby and it took me a few minutes to realise it was the news I was watching. I just remember disbelief, it seemed surreal.
Sandra said…
We had gone to bed early and for some reason didn't listen to the radio in the morning (unusual) until I was driving the kids to school. I was just stunned and remember trying to ring David who was on his way to uni so he actually knew what people were talking about. And then trying to explain it to the kids - it was so distressing as they didn't entirely comprehend why I was so upset - they would have been 6, 4 and 18 months.
Some friends were actually watching West Wing when the network interrupted the show with a news bullitin. Somewhat ironic.

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