End of week thankfulness

In what has been a week of anxiety for my family (and my brother-in-law is still very unwell), sadness over the death of a friend and the diagnosis of cancer for another friend, I still want to come to the end of the week and remember some of the lovely aspects of my week.  Thought I'd share them with you.

Recently I wrote about the need for me to have a bridal register because so much of my kitchen stuff was falling apart after 17 years of marriage.  I have been very overwhelmed (and a little embarrassed!) by my bloggy friends' generosity.

Firstly I get a tweet from Kath, who went and found me a new plate for my microwave from her local op shop!  And secondly my husband is handed a gift of money from a blog reader who wants me to spend it on kitchen stuff (I'm still dreaming - new knife that actually cuts, a decent grater, a proper chopping board ... enjoying the thinking at the moment!).  Incredible generosity.  Thank you friends!

On Tuesday my children had the most extravagant post-school afternoon tea they've ever had.  Treats from the celebrity patissier, Adriano Zumbo, that my thoughtful friend bought for them on her way to visit.  All different flavours of macaroons. Yum.

Yesterday I came home to a beautiful bunch of roses that Rowan put together for me (in the vase that he gave me for my 21st, so many moons ago) - all from our very own garden.  They are incredible - and they just sit in my front yard.

And I've been able to happily read lots of fiction this week, guilt-free, because uni is over.  Yay.

Any small, yet special things happen to you this week?


Sarah said…
That's lovely. Don't feel embarrassed, enjoy feeling the love. :)
Sarah said…
I cried when I saw your roses - 2 1/2 weeks and I can see them too!!!
Sandra said…
yum, macaroons!
Karen said…
That's wonderful. Love the flowers :)

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