So chilled out (well, relatively)

For some amazing reason, I feel cool about Christmas this year.  Usually (see past posts) I totally struggle at this time of the year.  I normally feel totally overwhelmed and daunted by all the jobs that need doing.  We have two birthdays in December, normally in the same week as speech day/preschool concert.  Music concerts, absent husband, extra events, lots of cooking, cards ... I usually have this list cycling through my brain.  But it has gone.

I haven't quite worked out why this year is different, but here are some guesses:

1.  I'm determined to enjoy the Christmas season this year.  I have much to be thankful for and I felt grumpy and resentful last year that Christmas was overtaken by my stress.  My friend Caz gave a great talk at our gingerbread house making event this year, using the story of Mary and Martha, to remind us that allowing time to listen to Jesus in the midst of all the craziness is the best thing we could do.  I found that a helpful reminder and challenge.

2.  I've been juggling work and my uni prac so I'm in general a bit disconnected from the realities of my life.  I'm quite focused on and distracted by something else.  It also means there is a lot I just have to say 'no' to.  Simplifies life.

3.  Having life filled up is making me more efficient with the bits of time I have left.  I've done lots  most of my shopping online and only have a short list of presents to buy.

4.  We aren't going away on holidays.  So all I have to do is produce presents and a few extra meals at Christmas time.  Easy.

And if I miss a few things because I'm so chilled, really, will it matter?  Nupe.  Because we'll be back here before I know it.


Louise said…
Please try not to forget dinner on Friday!
Jenny said…
Part of the reason I'm chilled. Got some fun things to look forward to!

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