Crazy land

 My apologies folks. The well has run dry. I have two birthdays, a speech day, preschool concert, carol service, birthday party, piano concert (all 5 are playing at), three hour marathon high school music concert, a French horn exam, an absent husband, work and a cold to manage this week. It has left me with no thoughts to share with you. None.

Wow I'm tired though. But still not freaking out about Christmas. Sure there is no Christmas tree up, not a nativity scene in sight and I'll be surprised if anyone gets a Christmas card this year - but we're OK. The sky hasn't fallen in. The 7yo who loves order did get the advent calendar out, wrote up a roster and stuck it up next to the calendar. Legend. I love this kid. I love it when my kids feel the weight of their mother's uselessness and problem solve themselves. Hope the same skills can transfer to cleaning, washing and cooking. Surely the dirt, lack of clean clothes and hunger will be enough motivation. Although I have been unintentionally pursuing this strategy for years and nothing much seems to be happening with this passive approach.

Happy busy end of year of craziness folks! (Christmas is a walk in the park after the end of school year madness)


Motherhugger said…
Crazy busy for us, but when school finishes we're like a ghost town with tumbleweed drifting through.

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