I'm finished ... and here's my news

So I'm just going to quietly get off my high horse and tell you that I've accepted a job as a teacher librarian working - wait for it - four days a week.  

This was certainly not on my agenda when I wrote the earlier post.  I wasn't looking for a new job, but a friend told me about the job, I applied, got an interview and here I am.

I'm excited and thrilled with the opportunity.  It is a lovely school, I'll be part of a team and the head librarian is a leader in the field.  Sad to be leaving the public library I currently work at and sad to leave my colleagues and the kids I work with.  

Have we quite worked out how it is all going to work out with the kids?  Umm - well, sort of, kinda, (not really).

But hey - aren't you glad you'll be able to share the journey with me?!


Sandra said…
welcome to crazyville.

Seriously - sounds like a great job. Buy a freezer and hire a cleaner to keep you sane.
Deb L said…
Yay! Sounds great. Congratulations on finishing allllll that study (with children - I am in awe!).
alison said…
Congratulations and good luck!!
Karen said…
Hope the new job doesn't curtail the blogging too much.
But it sounds fantastic...well done, you!
Sarah said…
Yes, ditto to Karen's comment about blogging. :)

The job sounds great, and hey...you are still part-time! Well done.
simone r said…
That's brilliant! Well done.

The teacher librarian at our school is amazing. The only staff member who makes announcements on assembly that I want to hear. Sure you'll be the same.
Meredith said…
That sounds really wonderful. Holidays at the same time as the kids and a great job where you can make an impact on lots of lives. Congratulations and enjoy!

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