My baby starts school

On her first birthday

And my baby starts school tomorrow.  I was feeling cool as school about the whole thing and my husband was going to take her because I have a new job.

But I suddenly thought 'I can't do this.  I need to be there.  A little bit for her.  But mainly for me'.  My new boss is a lovely, generous lady who said, 'of course, you need time for these transitions'.

So I can be there tomorrow.  I can take lots of photos.  I truly can't believe this day has come - after all this time being at home with little people.

Don't think I'll cry.  I'm excited for her.  She's excited and school is such fun.  I just need to be there to sign off this era of my life.


Kath said…
That's great that you can go. Enjoy it.
My son is starting kindergarten this year, too :)
Karen said…
What a wonderful boss! I'm so glad that you can take her to school tomorrow. We're praying that she has a fantastic first day. xxx
Karen said…
How lovely of your boss to give you the time off for this. I hope you really enjoy the signing off process, it still seems such a long way off for me but I'm sure it won't seem that way when I get there!
Sandra said…
Hopefully it won't be a let down like kindergarten day 1 with Miss Julia - I got to the door of the classroom and she said 'you can go now, goodbye.' David got the same treatment at day one of year 7 yesterday - she gave him a discrete but obvious nudge with her elbow and sent him in the direction of the gate. Memorable but not at all a sentimental moment.

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