Let me show off my craftiness (just briefly)

Last month the Christian blogger Tim Challies wrote an interesting piece on competitive mothering (in many ways so correct, but just quietly I wondered if it's not all bad if occasionally we celebrate our successes as mothers - not much about what we do is all that noteworthy).  Anyway, in the spirit of sharing my success (of course, incidentally, I guess it will make you all feel like failures - try and overlook this for a moment, it will be short lived), let me brag about my quilt.

It is for my youngest child.  I have made quilts for the other children, but I had totally run out of puff, time, energy, interest by the time it was No. 5's turn.  I do love her.  I don't love so much the standard I set with the older kids (photos albums, scrapbooks, quilts, cross stitch) that I now feel I have to maintain so the younger ones don't feel ripped off.  This is a good contraceptive btw (TMI?? apologies).  The thought of doing all this for more children (who I would of course love immensely, but they wouldn't feel like I loved them because there wouldn't be any products to show this love, and then they'd need therapy because of my neglect ... etc, etc), just felt like a mountain too high to climb (of my own doing of course).

ANYWAY ... this quilt is the lazy mother's quilt.  It also took three and a half years to complete (from when I bought the material to when I finished it last month).  All I had to do was cut strips of material that were the same width as the material.  Then sew them together.  Not a great deal of work in the piecing.  But looking at the photos, the ones of the pieces laid out on the table are from two years ago.  I even bought the binding from etsy (sooo lazy).

Finally, it is finished and the youngest child is very happy.  And I feel that I can still be a part of the race towards becoming an uber mother.


Kath said…

Impressed with your success Jenny. Pat on the back from me :)
Alison said…
Hilarious post. Lovely quilt!
Deb said…
Any mother who can start something two years ago and finally see it through to completion is a qualified uber mum. Well done on a beautiful quilt.

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