Put children second to your marriage - it's good for them

My friend sent me this link a few weeks ago to an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper.

Proof that 'helicopter parenting' (ie.  hovering, over-involved parents) is in fact bad for your children.  Finally - vindication for some of the neglect my poor children experience!

And what would be more beneficial to your children than hovering over them all the time?  Spending time investing in your marriage - this has more of an impact than the amount of effort you expend on giving your kids every opportunity or protecting them from anything bad.

YAY!  It's OK for them to get a bit bored, have a few sibling fights and make their own way to band rehearsal.  And it's good for them that we have a strong marriage.

Thankfully a 'U.S. therapist' has made my default method of parenting acceptable!


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